The Ultimate CNC is a machine control software using Grbl for Windows, MacOS or Linux. It uses and external hardware to generate signals to produce coordinated motion on up to 3 machine axis. The external hardware is a motion controller device and / or a arduino board with Grbl firmware installed. A common hardware required could be something like it:

Moving objects like machine axis and machine parts can be dangerous and could cause personal injury or even death. Please keep this always in mind and operate your machine carefully keeping all safety standards and regulations first.

Hardware requirements

The minimal hardware requirements:

  • CPU frequency: 1.4 GHz.

  • Graphics card: OpenGL 3.0 (alternatively OpenGL 2.x with the framebuffer_object extension) or higher or OpenGL ES 2.0.

  • RAM: 2Gb.

The above are the recommended minimal values, however the software may run on PCs with lower resources, but we do not advice to do so. Also, you need consider that if large G-code files with the hundreds of thousands or millions of code lines count are run then the requirements may be higher. As reference, a G-code program with 2 billions lines can use about 500Mb. of RAM.

The recommended hardware requirements:

  • CPU frequency: 2.6 GHz.

  • Graphics card: OpenGL 3.3 core profile or OpenGL ES 3.0.

  • RAM: 4Gb / 8Gb.

This software requires Microsoft Windows, MacOS or Linux Operating System running on an x64 desktop or laptop or tablet computer.

We recommend to use Grbl 1.1 because it will enable all news feature that Grbl give you. For exemple, in the Ultimate CNC won't work this panels if you use Grbl firmware previous 1.1:

Download and install

The Ultimate CNC software comes in a single .exe executable installer package, the last version is always available as a download on our website:

Download the executable for you operation system (Windows, MacOS or Linux), save it to your hard drive and double click the file to start the installation process.

Free vs Pro version

UltimateCNC offers free version of our software so you can "try before you buy." This is absolutely the best way of determining if the software is right for you.

The free version has some limited functions but enough for hobbyist.


  • 2D / 3D Viewer

  • Autolevelling

  • GUI buttons customizable with your own macros

  • Simple CAD: Create fast shapes

  • Manual data Input (M.D.I.)

  • G-code program limited to 30.000 lines

  • Flashing Grbl to Arduino

  • Virtual Homing

  • Themes: Light and Dark


  • Move your CNC using the keyboard

  • Manual change tool (M6)

  • Drilling cycle (G81, G82)

  • G-code program unlimited

  • Custom commands (macros)

  • Import STL and Images files

  • Remote loading programs

  • Tools included

Buy and licensing

If you decide to buy the full release of Ultimate CNC Pro, you will need install the key that we give you later that we received the payment.

Nowadays, it isn't possible to buy Ultimate CNC from the website. Therefore, if you want buy the Ultimate CNC Pro you need contact with us using the form available in the following url:

The license is a "perpetual license" and it is associated with one PC. For this reason, we need to known a ID that identify where you want to use the Ultimate CNC. It is the computer ID.

You have access to this computer ID in the License tab from Ultimate CNC:

Doing double click in "Computer ID" value it will be copied in the clipboard.